Classical Pilates at Joe's Place

About Leslie

About Leslie


Leslie feels honored to be able to bring Classical Pilates to Farmington, NM. Her journey in Pilates included the completion of an apprenticeship program in 2011 with over 841 hours of training with extensive studies and work in anatomy, body mechanics and the history of how Pilates came to be.  Leslie retains professional certification, has successfully completed Internationally Accredited Pilates Testing and is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, which includes continuing education credit requirements to maintain PMA® Certification. Leslie is honored to be able to trace her lineage back only 4 generations to Joseph & Clara Pilates through Romana Kryzanowska.

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Here’s a Bit More About the Studio



My mission is to provide clients with the purest form of Classical Pilates. I'm committed to providing only the highest quality instruction to ensure our clients receive all the benefits of the Pilates.

I offer private equipment classes, private mat classes and private sessions. I also offer courses and workshops that sheds light on Pilates Method. 

Private equipment classes which  includes Reformer, Chair, Pilates Stick and Smart Core. 

 Our founder Leslie is here to help inspire both you and your Pilates practice.